Strong Glue-5ml Eyelash Extension Professional Grade Lash Glue


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Strong Glue 5ml

Eyelash Extension Professional Grade Lash Glue

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About it:

EeVee Sisters Salon glue for Eyelash Extensions.

Our Black Eyelash Glue for Lash Extensions – Drys in 0-1second with 8 Week Retention.

Designed with versatility for Classic, Hybrid, and Volume application.

Our eyelash adhesive is specially designed for highly experienced lash artists.

This fast-drying adhesive will speed up all eyelash extension procedures.

How to store properly:


Always room temperature or below. It’s recommended always using an air conditioner and have good ventilation.


Always control your humidity or select the adhesive that works the best at your current humidity.

Low Humidity – less than 40%. Your adhesive will dry very slow. Best Humidity – 40-60%. Best drying speed.

High Humidity – more than 60%. Your adhesive will dry very fast.

The glue hardens by the reaction with moisture in the air. The most stable storage place is in the dark and cool place.

A refrigerator is not an appropriate storage place as it can affect the performance of glue adversely by causing a dew condensation, not only on the outside but also on the inside.

How long is the expiration date (Shelf-life) of the adhesive?

3 to 6 months when not opened,

*1 month once opened.

(*Why 3 to 6 months? Low fume, sensitive adhesives expire faster than normal)


Drying Time

0.5 – 1 second


8 weeks


Very Thin


Seamless Black


Recommend 45%


60 – 75F


3x3x4 cm


6 month (not open)


Sliver with purple cap

When packing we always put the customer first. We packaged our eyelashes glue with silica gel and a glue needle to ensure maximum glue freshness before and after the package is opened to significantly extend the life of your glue.

Safety note:

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!!!! This eyelash extension glue is for professional lash artists only! All lash adhesive need to be handled with extreme caution and the utmost care.

When opening any bottle of adhesive whether new or used you must open the adhesive away from clients and away from where the lash service is taking place. Excessive amounts of glue on the skin may cause superficial damage to the skin or hair. It recommended to test patch first and shake bottle properly before every used.

Legal Disclaimer :

EeVee Sisters Salon is not responsible for any accidents that may occur or any misuse of stong glue adhesive.


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