Super Glue Bonder – 15 ML


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Glue Bonder – 15 ML

Accelerate Drying and Maximize Retention

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About it:

EeVee Sisters Salon time saver !!

This Super Glue Bonder not only reinforces the eyelash adhesive and quickly drys it  but also waterproofs it, This Bonder agent can save both you and your clients time, money and maximize retention.

Can be applied before or after.

For better results it’s preferred and recommended to use after.

 Can be used before as a primer if need it.

How it save time:

It’s a reinforcement for the glue(adhesive) by Fast drying.

Our Glue Bonder seals the lashes within 3 minutes.

Did I forget to mention it’s waterproof –  it waterproof the glue so, the Lashes of the client can get wet the same day. 

The client is not limited in keeping their lashes dry for 48HRS.

It Maximizes retention by 1-2 weeks!!

You won’t need to use a nano-mister or nebulizer at the end of each appointment if you don’t want to if you use Glue Bonder.

How it works :

This bonder works with all kinds of adhesives and  works great with all  sets of lashes – CLASSIC, HYBRID, VOLUME & MEGA VOLUME. 

Allowing to the clients lashes to be  safe to get wet after 3 minutes because the bonds have been sealed! You and your clients won’t have to wait another 24-48 hours to go to the gym or wash your lashes.

Cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient in the glue that holds the extension and lashes together. Therefore the bonder give the adhesive more elasticity, making the bonds more flexible and therefore resulting in better retention.

 Bonder seals the adhesive’s surface, ensuring any fumes from the adhesive are contained within the adhesive bond.

Clients irritations and sensitivities are greatly reduced when bonder is applied due to the adhesive fumes are sealed.

How to use:

Wait for 1  minutes after the last lash application to apply the Glue Bonder

Apply 1-2 drops onto a microfibre brush. Mico brush should only be slightly wet, not dripping in the product.

Wipe gently the adhesive bonding points where Extensions were applied,, 1mm away from eyelid.

Repeat if necessary.Do Not soak brush or eyelash extensions.

Allow drying time for 2 minutes to set.


Drying Time to set

2-3 minutes 

Retention added

 1-2  weeks more 

Bottle size

15ml     88mm x 28.5mm


Seamless clear



Bottle color 

Crystal white clear with gold cap

Single Package 

3x3x4 cm

 Shelf-life/ expiration

12 month after open


Fast drying/ Reinforcement


Safety note:

Caution this is NOT A GLUE. 

 BONDER is an accelerator that needs to use with eyelash extension glue. For professional eyelash extension use only. Be careful not to get into the eyes when using it. If it gets into the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Legal Disclaimer :

EeVee Sisters Salon is not responsible for any accidents that may occur or any misuse of Glue Bonder. 



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